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What are your mirrors made of?

We use a combination of premium ABS+ & glass to structure this mirror from scratch.

What is ABS+?

It is a premium material used to 3D print the outer portion of our mirrors. This way the LED light shines brighter throughout.

What is the size of the mirror?

Our mirrors are:

100cm (width) x 195cm (height) x 13cm (depth)
40inches (width) x 77inches (height) x 5inches (depth)
1000mm (width) x 1950mm (height) x 130mm (depth)

How much does the mirror weigh?

45kg (99lbs)

How long does the production take?

Once you’ve placed your order, we will get straight onto the making of your mirror. This usually takes up to 2 weeks as we take appropriate cautions to perfection.

How long is shipment?

Once your mirror is out of the production phase, we then ship your order – which usually takes 8-10 weeks to arrive depending where you live.

What colours can I change my mirror to?

You will be given a LED remote which allows you to change through 7 different colours. Pink, green, blue, white, orange, cyan & purple. Plus multiple colour options

Can I hang this mirror on my wall?

Yes you can, otherwise you can rest it against the wall.

Will I receive the correct plug for my country?

Yes. We always look at the address and match the plug accordingly.

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